That’s right—we want you, and we’d love to be “Pard” of your excitement!

Without hesitation and with clear vision for your fit with Lafayette, we invite you to be a Leopard. Your smarts, spirit, and desire to live and learn with meaning and purpose have earned you a place in Lafayette’s 187th class.

A beautifully resourced college and an excitingly dynamic community of students await your arrival. Take the time and action to explore all that Lafayette has to offer, but as you do, know that you are a wanted and welcome member of the 187th class of Lafayette.

You might be wondering...

How can I get involved in campus life my first year?

The link below connects you with information about opportunities to be involved in clubs and organizations, Commons Council, Student Government, the arts, community service, entertainment planning, recreational programs, religious life, and intercollegiate athletics.

See the list of student clubs and organizations

What should I do if I don’t know which major to choose?

Good news: You are not supposed to know what your major is going to be. Depending on what you think your potential interests are (science, engineering, social science, the arts, or humanities), you need good advice from your faculty adviser and class dean regarding the courses you need to take, and at Lafayette, students have this mentorship as well as the necessary academic flexibility to go along with it. Engineers declare their major at the end of the first year, and all other students do so in their second year. Relax, get good advice, and enjoy this opportunity to explore your intellectual horizons. That’s what college is for!

Why are students required to live on campus?

On-campus residency is part of the academic mission of the College. Membership in a residential, academic community provides unique opportunities for enhanced learning and personal growth outside the classroom. Our campus is not just a place where you take classes and exams, it is your home for four wonderful years and a place to which you’ll feel an indelible bond for the rest of your life. Extra- and co-curricular life opportunities are a big part of why our students develop such a strong sense of connection to Lafayette. On-campus housing is guaranteed for all students. There are living environments to accommodate a variety of interests and needs.